We welcome anxious patients to our practice. Whether you’ve had bad dental experiences, unnecessary pain or are embarrassed about your teeth, we will do our best to assess your situation and treat you as gently and compassionately as possible.

Unfortunately, dentistry doesn’t have the best reputation in being comfortable and gentle, hence many patients have had bad experiences and feel anxious when they have to visit the dentist.

At Northmead Dental, in addition to our experienced and caring practitioners we have several others that will make you more comfortable when you visit us. These can help overcome dental fears or phobias:

We provide our patients with state-of-the-art Bose QuietComfort Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are equipped with world-class noise cancellation technology that makes the noise of the drill and all other dental instruments quieter and takes your mind elsewhere with your favourite artist, album or podcast.

Nitrous oxide sedation has been used for many years in the dental and medical professions. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas, relative analgesia, RA and happy gas.

Nitrous oxide is simply a gas which you can breathe in. It has no colour, smell and doesn’t irritate. Nitrous oxide kills pain (not all pain!) and it induces a pleasurable feeling. After 5 minutes or so of breathing in the gas, you should feel a euphoric feeling spread throughout your body. It really kind of feels like a ‘happy drunk’ feeling. Some people find that there are auditory or visual effects as well. You will feel a bit light headed and often people get ‘the giggles’ (hence the name laughing gas!).

Unless you let your dentist know what it is you fear, he or she won’t be able to help you. They’re not mind readers. You do not need to explain why you are fearful, if you feel uncomfortable with that. But it really helps if you can say what you are afraid of, or even make suggestions as to what your dentist might be able to do to help you with your fears.




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