At Northmead Dental we rely on advanced technology from Poladay Whitening to help your teeth look their absolute best. Thanks to this professional treatment, you can enjoy noticeably whiter teeth with minimal sensitivity.

Poladay Whitening uses a state-of-the-art high intensity blue light to activate the bleaching agent to get your teeth the whitest in the most efficient manner. This is sometimes referred to as ‘laser whitening’.

With so many different tooth-whitening options available to patients, it can often be difficult to choose which is the best whitening option for you. The dentists at Northmead Dental can help you decide which solution works best for you.


Your teeth are often one of the first features people notice about your appearance, so it’s worthwhile making sure that yours look good. Over the years our enamel changes in colour, aided by that morning coffee or evening red wine.

A professional whitening treatment can help to restore the brightness of your teeth, so you can have a smile to be proud of. Whether it’s a natural, but lighter smile that you’re after, or a dazzling white ‘Hollywood smile’, the range of Poladay products can be tailored to produce the desired result.

Please note that the effectiveness of whitening treatments may vary depending on the condition of your teeth. Your dentist will be able to better advise you on what you can expect from the procedure.


Prior to the treatment you will undergo a comprehensive oral exam enabling your dentist to check that your teeth are in good condition and suitable for the whitening process.

Sessions can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes, meaning that you don’t have to take too much time out of your busy schedule to attend to your teeth.


At Northmead Dental, we cater for both the budget conscious as well as the time-poor patient. For that reason, we offer two types of whitening:

1. At Home Whitening
At-home whitening is performed, as the name suggests, in the comfort of your own home. Custom-made whitening trays are fabricated for you, and Pola whitening solution is issued for you to comfortably whiten at home. The process usually takes somewhere between 1-3 weeks and involves you wearing the custom trays with whitening solution for an hour a night. A nice bonus of using this method is that the trays are very durable, so if you wanted to whiten again in 12 months, only new whitening solution from Pola is needed to ‘top-up’ your whitening for a day or two.

2. In-Chair (Laser) Whitening
For those time-poor patients, in-chair whitening is desirable. The procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes. We use a high concentrated bleaching solution from Pola Whitening which is accentuated by a high intensity blue light (laser). The process involves using this solution for 3 cycles of 15 minutes each. Usually during this procedure, you will get the same whitening as 2 weeks of the at-home method, making it very time efficient for those who may want to have their teeth the whitest for an upcoming event.

3. Combination Kit
To help you get the most out of your whitening treatment, we also offer take-home whitening solutions in addition to your In-Chair Pola Whitening Treatment. These easy-to-use kits will ensure you get the whitest possible shade for your, after the grunt-work is done with the In-Chair System. Contact us at Northmead Dental on 9639 6900 or make an appointment online to speak to a dentist about your teeth and which option is best for you.

Even in the healthiest of teeth and gums, dental emergencies can and do arise. Whether you wake in the night with painful toothache, or injure your teeth and or gums playing sport, dental emergencies are unpredictable and can be traumatising, especially when they occur out-of-hours. At Northmead Dental we can give you the peace-of-mind knowing that we have your covered should the worst occur.

If you consider yourself to have an emergency dental situation, please contact us on 02 9639 6900 and we will be delighted to assist you. Our practice has time allocated each day for dental emergencies, and we will fit you in as soon as possible.

Contact Northmead Dental to schedule your appointment today.

Here at Northmead Dental, we understand how important it is to find a dentist you can trust, which is why all of our staff are fully trained and qualified to provide you with a high standard of care.

Our highly qualified Dentists aim to provide personalised advice and treatment to enable patients to take charge of their oral health.


While maintaining a good hygiene routine at home is important, the key to supporting oral health is in routine check-ups. Left unchecked, the bacteria that collects on your teeth can harden over time, becoming difficult to remove and potentially leading to complications such as decay.

More recent studies have shown that this hard build-up (tartar or calculus) can detrimentally affect your overall health, worsening cardiovascular illnesses such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease as well as making diabetic control harder in patients with diabetes.

Before you think about trying to conceive, a thorough dental examination is recommended, as poor dental health has also been linked to pre-term low birth weight babies. At Northmead Dental, we want the best for you and your families (even the ones that aren’t quite here with us yet) so please contact us to schedule your next check-up and clean appointment.


When it comes to supporting your oral health, taking preventative measures against decay, tooth wear or gum disease can make all the difference. Early intervention using fissure seals often strengthens and protects against future decay.

As the path to good oral health begins from a young age, we encourage dental visits from about the age of 2-3 years old to help build the foundations for excellent standards of oral hygiene.

What to expect

During your routine 6 monthly comprehensive examinations and cleans, you can expect that we will check not only your teeth and gums for infection or decay, but also your entire mouth and lips for any signs of oral cancer. While rare, oral cancers have been found in patients who have never smoked. After we’ve conducted a thorough examination, we will discuss our findings with you to determine the best way forward to optimise your dental health.

To make an appointment, you can either schedule your appointment online or give us a call.

As part of our cosmetic solutions we are highly experienced in crown and bridgework. Crowns create a cap over an existing tooth to reinforce and protect it, often after a root canal treatment. They are ideal for restoring any teeth that have been broken or weakened for various reasons, and can be made from materials such as ceramic, composite or precious metals.

A veneer is a thin covering usually over the front surface of your front these. These are best needed in situations where there is extensive staining or inadequate aesthetics of the front teeth. Veneers when done well look very natural and can last decades if maintained properly.

In order to treat the ‘whole smile’ we also offer muscle relaxants such as botox and fillers. Dentists are extremely experienced in facial anatomy and proportions, and also have extensive experience in injections. As such, they are the perfect clinicians to administer cosmetic injections to not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but also your smile and your entire face.

A dental implant is essentially a replacement of the root of a tooth. It is usually made of titanium or titanium alloy. Various useful attachments can then be selected for placement on implants. These include crowns for a single tooth replacement, bridges to replace a few missing teeth or even a full set of teeth (in one or both jaws). Implants may also be used to attach removable dentures to improve stability.

The titanium rod is usually shaped like a screw. Once it is placed into the jaw bone it “osseointegrates” or fuses with bone over a period of several months. There are limits on how much pressure the implant can take during this phase and it may not be strong enough to support the artificial tooth/teeth, so there is often a period where a temporary solution is required.

Implants have advantages over many traditional forms of teeth replacement. The restorations built on them can look, feel and function like normal teeth. Implants are self-supporting and so other teeth are less likely to be overloaded or damaged. If a tooth is removed from the jaw bone, healing occurs and gums tend to shrink away in the extraction area. If placed early in the same site, implants even help to retain the bone and gum just like a tooth does. It is not usually necessary to plan an implant to replace every missing tooth.

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As we age, repeated facial expressions such as smiling, laughing and frowning create wrinkles and lines in our skin. Cosmetic injections can smooth these lines and rejuvenate your face. Dentists are highly experienced judging facial proportions to create harmony and a well-balanced result, so you’ll leave looking like a better version of yourself, and not like everyone else who has had a bit too much work done!




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