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Dr Andrea Lakatos

Dr Andrea Lakatos graduated from the University of Sydney honours in 2008, despite looking like she’s just finished high school.

After working in Sydney and Brisbane at different dental practices, Andrea has settled in at Northmead Dental, becoming a Principal Dentist and owner in December 2016.

During her studies, Andrea excelled in many areas and subsequently received several awards including:

  • The Robert and Geoffrey Morse Withycombe Prize – Awarded for proficiency in clinical periodontics;
  • The ANZAOMS (NSW) Oral Surgery Prize – Awarded for proficiency in clinical oral medicine, oral pathology & oral surgery;
  • University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize – Awarded annually on recommendation by Deans, this prize recognises the highest performing undergraduate students in each faculty based on average marks;
  • Australian Society of Periodontology Prize – Awarded for best overall performance in the Bachelor of Dentistry in Year 3 Periodontics;
  • Graduate Entry Merit Scholarship for Bachelor of Dentistry at Sydney University;
  • Dean’s List of High Achievers.

Andrea’s keen interest in the visual arts and talent in this area (being selected in ArtExpress) translates especially well to cosmetic dentistry, an area of dentistry she really enjoys.

For Andrea, dentistry is about treating a patient’s teeth to improve their life: Reduce or eliminate pain; improve aesthetics to increase self-confidence and seeing patients regularly to minimise any invasive and unnecessary painful treatment (and thereby keeping the old back pocket a bit more full!).

Andrea regularly puts herself in the ‘patients’ shoes by giving blood on a regular basis, despite a natural aversion to needles and as such, is excellent working with patients who find dentistry anxiety-provoking.

Andrea is keen to share her secret to her ever-youthful appearance with you. Hint: It’s keeping your teeth in good nick.

Dr John Twomey

John graduated from the University of Sydney with honours in 2008.

He has been part of the Northmead Dental family since 2009 and is now a full partner so you know he is here to stay and provide consistent care.

John spend many years teaching and lecturing with the faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sydney so you know you’re getting expert treatment and advice.

John is passionate about dentistry, gadgets and technology so you know he will always be up to date with the latest technology providing the benefits of digital dentistry.

His wife Rebecca suffers from Dental Phobia so you know he is sympathetic to anxieties with a gentle and caring approach.

John was born in Queensland and moved to Sydney in 2004, he does cheer for Queensland in the State of Origin but kindly asks that you don’t hold that against him.

Dr Gregory Lord

We are delighted to have one of the founders of Northmead Dental, Dr Lord continuing to work with us. Gregory graduated from Sydney University in 1980 with a Pharmacy degree. Soon after he enrolled into the Dental faculty at Sydney University and subsequently graduated with an Honours degree in Dental Surgery.

Dr Lord and Dr Madden founded Northmead Dental, a small suburban practice in what was then Sydney’s countryside, some 30 years (please amend) ago. Part of owning a small business in those early days was that you had to be a master of all trades: Gregory became certified as an application programmer and web developer, automations and alarm systems installer, Current Tag Test Certified and originally wrote the practice business software 20 years ago, of which some modules are being used today. Through their combined passion for dentistry and serving the community, Northmead Dental has grown into the welcoming place that we know today.

Gregory has always had a fervent passion and interest in Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Prosthetic restoration and Implant Dentistry.

In his spare time, Greg loves to play around with electronics, computers, wood, metal and restoring old cars and tools, and is also a keen cyclist. Greg and Siobhan are currently planning their cycle trip across Europe in 2018.

Dr Kimberthy Wong

Dr Kimberthy Wong graduated from the University of Melbourne (2013) with Honours. Prior to joining Northmead Dental, Kim worked as a dental officer at Westmead Hospital. This provided the opportunity to work through specialist departments, including Emergency Dental, Paediatrics and Special Care. She has also worked in private practice continuously during this period.

Kim is committed to staying up to date with the latest developments in dentistry and regularly attends seminars and workshops in order to provide the best treatment possible for her patients. While enjoying most aspects of dentistry, Kim has particular interests in Paediatric Dentistry (children’s dentistry).

Patients often find attending the dentist a daunting experience, sometimes even delaying treatment until it is too late. Kim believes this should not be the case and strives to create a positive atmosphere for her patients through her approachable and caring nature. She values getting to know patients so she can work with them towards their oral health goals.

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